A Thousand Hands, A Million Stars – 

The International Labour Organization estimates that there are 40.3 million victims of human trafficking globally. 25% of them are children - some as young as five. 75% are women and girls. A Thousand Hands is a collaboration uniting visual art, poetry, music, dance and song as a vehicle to bring awareness and a voice to those that have been rendered silent by the trauma of sex trafficking. I am the visual, Gerrey Noh the composer, Denise Ritter, the voice and Jane Atwood the poet. The artists of A Thousand Hands have taken inspiration from survivor stories that tell of their journey in, through, and out of human trafficking. Our goal is to provide visibility to the invisible using a multi media platform, as well as through artwork created by actual trafficking survivors.

website: www.athousandhandsamillionstars.com

French Twist Gallery

 Agony and Defeat

Agony and Defeat

The Human Kind, Trailer, Animated Short

The Human Kind poster.jpg

Us. Humans. We are storytelling animals. Memory, language, plus the intangible realm of thoughts, beliefs and consciousness all contribute to what makes us unique among other animal species.

The Human Kind moves through the enigma of being human as an interconnected experience, drawing the conclusion that we need to continue to learn from our past, imagine better futures, and create new and better ways of being together for the sake of ourselves, other animals, and our planet.